The New National Curriculum is fully implemented throughout St. John’s and English and Maths are taught during the morning session.

The remainder of the curriculum is taught through a topic based approach. Assessments take place at the end of each year. Children in Reception class are assessed throughout the year using the Early Years Outcomes.

Here at St. John’s our aim is for every child to achieve his/her maximum potential at everything, whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field or in the playground. We recognise that every child is an individual and we endeavour to meet each child’s needs regardless of their ability.

Some children do have special educational needs, which are met. We consider each child’s needs individually and decide how best to support him/her. Usually support is provided in the classroom but sometimes we withdraw children for short periods. Parents are always kept informed of their child’s progress.

Our P.E. curriculum includes swimming for children in Year 3. We ask parents to send a contribution of £3.20 each week towards transportation costs.

Some of our topics include educational visits. These visits are an important part of topic work and should not be missed. Again, we usually ask for a contribution towards the costs of these visits.

The school’s named Governor for English is Mrs. F. Smollett.
The school’s named Governor for Maths is Mrs. C. Roberts.

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