This is a fantastic transition year as children move from Key Stage 1 (Infants) to Key Stage 2 (Juniors). The emphasis this year is to build on the previous learning and understanding that the children have gained in their first three years in school. Their learning is supported in a very similar way in the Autumn term as in Year 2 but there is increasing encouragement for the children to become more independent learners.

The day starts with Maths. As in KS1 each Maths topic will start with Concrete apparatus such as Numicon or Base ten equipment before the use of informal recording methods or drawings. As the children in Owls will be working with much larger numbers this will necessitate learning formal methods of Arithmetic such as the Column methods for Addition and Subtraction. Maths is fun so lots of games are an important ingredient: Demon Tables, X Table Challenge are just some of these. The children will further hone their Mental Maths skills by using practising their X-tables at home.

After Break it is English, which is segmented into the various strands: Handwriting, Spelling, Book Talk and Writing. By the end of the Autumn term children will choose their own books within their ability bands and they will increasingly develop their own preferences for reading in the Daily 'Book Talk' part of the timetable. English Writing lessons are based on a whole class texts written by wonderful children's authors; such as: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, Flood, The Wolves in the Walls, The Happy Prince and Robot Dog . Non-Fiction texts are drawn from our RE, Science, History and Geography topics. These are featured on the Curriculum Overview, take a peek!

Swimming is a huge milestone in Year 3, and an important lifelong skill. Children swim throughout the year until February half-term and by the end are usually swimming unaided. All children develop water confidence and have a lot of fun as well!

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