Our Staff

Miss. A. Heaton Miss. A. Heaton Head Teacher
Mrs. K. Owen Mrs. K. Owen Reception (Swallows) / Deputy Headteacher
Mrs. A. Green Mrs. A. Green Year 1 – (Teals)
Miss G. Hutton Miss G. Hutton Year 2 – (Jays)
Mrs. C. Gore Mrs. C. Gore Year 3 - (Owls)
Mrs. S. Cheetham Mrs. S. Cheetham Year 4 – (Hawks)
Mrs. S. Gore Mrs. S. Gore Year 4 – (Hawks)
Miss K. Lawrence Miss K. Lawrence Year 5 – (Nightingales)
Mr. M. Lewis Mr. M. Lewis Year 6 – (Swans)
Mrs. S. Downey Mrs. S. Downey Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Mason Mrs. S. Mason Teaching Assistant
Mrs. G. Shuttleworth Mrs. G. Shuttleworth Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Mayoh Mrs. S. Mayoh Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Somerville Miss E. Somerville Teaching Assistant (EYFS)
Mrs N. Rigby Mrs N. Rigby Family Welfare & Attendance Officer
Mrs. J. Corrigan Mrs. J. Corrigan Teaching Assistant
Mrs. A. Rogers Mrs. A. Rogers School Business Manager
Mrs. S. Hodson Mrs. S. Hodson Administrative Officer
Ms. M. Foster Ms. M. Foster Mid-day Assistant
Mrs. S. O’Brien Mrs. S. O’Brien Mid-day Assistant
Mrs. C. Williams Mrs. C. Williams Nursery Manager
Mrs. C. Moss Mrs. C. Moss Deputy Manager
Ms. S. Herrera Ms. S. Herrera Practitioner
Miss S. Mason Miss S. Mason Practitioner
Mrs. J. Guest Mrs. J. Guest Practitioner
Mrs. S. Kendrick Mrs. S. Kendrick Practitioner
Mrs. D. Hough Mrs. D. Hough Practitioner
Mrs. J. Cain Mrs. J. Cain Sports Coach
Mrs. S. Arkwright Mrs. S. Arkwright Cover/PPA
Mrs. C. Burgess Mrs. C. Burgess Cook
Ms. N. Wynn Ms. N. Wynn Assistant
Mr. B. Browne Metrofresh Caretaker

Our Governors

The remit for the Governing Body is to:

a) Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
b) Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
c) Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Governing Body Composition:

Type of Governor No.
Foundation 5
Foundation Ex-officio 1
Headteacher 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 2
Staff 1
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Names of Governors Type of Governor Term of Office Date of appointment Date of resignation (if resigned in the last 12 months) Appointing Body
Mrs. F. Smollett (Chair) Foundation 12/10/2017 – 11/10/2021     Parochial Church Council
Dr. M. Stuckey (Vice Chair) Foundation 08/05/2014 – 07/05/2018     Parochial Church Council
Ald. B. Wilson Foundation 07/05/2014 – 08/05/2018     Parochial Church Council
Miss A. Heaton Headteacher 26/11/2003 – 25/11/2063     N/A
Rev. J. Hartley Foundation Ex-officio 02/10/2000 – 03/10/2050     N/A
Mrs. A. Taziker Foundation 15/09/2017 - 16/09/2021     Parochial Church Council
Mrs. K. Owen Staff 31/08/2014 – 01/09/2018     Staff
Mr. A. Belt Parent 20/10/2014 – 21/10/2018     Parents
Councillor C. Roberts Local Authority 11/02/2016 – 09/02/2020     Local Authority
Mrs. R. Dickens Parent 19/06/2017 – 18/06/2021     Parents
Mrs. S. Bloor Foundation 01/05/2017 – 30/04/2021     Parochial Church Council

*(if this is an appointed position because there were insufficient candidates for election this will need to be changed to ‘appointed by the Governing Body’)

In a voluntary aided, voluntary controlled or foundation school you will need to name to diocese, archdiocese or PCC or the organisation that appoints the foundation governors.

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  Full governing board Resources Committee Curriculum & Progress Committee Full governing board Resources Committee Curriculum & Progress Full governing board Resources Committee Resources Committee Curriculum & Progress Committee Full governing board
Governor Governor Type 09 Oct 2017 13 Nov 2017 28 Nov 2017 11 Dec 2017 12 Feb 2018 15 Mar 2018 26 Mar 2018 23 Apr 2018 04 Jun 2018 12 Jul 2018 16 Jul 2018
Andrew Belt Parent Y Y   Y Y   Y        
Sue Bloor Foundation Y Y Y Y Y Y Y        
Rachael Dickens Parent Y   Y Y   N N        
Sharon Goodland Clerk Y Y Y Y Y Y Y        
Julian Hartley Foundation Y     Y   N N        
Andrea Heaton Headteacher Y Y Y Y Y Y Y        
Kirsty Owen Staff Y N Y Y Y Y N        
Christine Roberts Authority Y   Y Y   N N        
Angela Rogers Other Y Y   Y              
Fiona Smollett Foundation Y Y Y Y Y Y Y        
Mike Stuckey Foundation Y   Y Y   Y Y        
Pauline Taylor Foundation             N        
Andrea Taziker Foundation Y   Y Y   Y Y        
Brian Wilson Foundation N Y   Y Y   Y        

Y = Attended, N = Apologies Accepted, NA = Apologies not Accepted, NS = No Apologies sent

Responsibility Name
Safeguarding/Child Protection Governor Rev. J. Hartley
SEND Governor Dr. M. Stuckey
Health and Safety Governor Mr. A. Belt
English Governor/Chair Mrs. F. Smollett
Maths Governor Councillor C. Roberts
Curriculum Governor/Pupil Premium Gov Mrs. A. Taziker
Link Governor Vacant

Terms of reference for all committees are available on request from school.

Resources Committee Curriculum and Progress Committee Pay Committee
Remit: To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding: Finance, Premises and Health and Safety Remit: To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding: Progress in school and the Curriculum Remit: To make decisions about performance related pay for Teachers and the Headteacher
Membership Membership Ald B. Wilson
Ald. B. Wilson (Chair) Miss A. Heaton Additional members to be appointed
Mrs. F. Smollett Mrs. K. Owen  
Miss A. Heaton Dr. M. Stuckey  
Mr. A. Belt Ms. A. Taziker  
Mrs. K. Owen Mrs. F. Smollett  
Mrs. S. Bloor Rev. J. Hartley  
  Councillor C. Roberts  
  Mrs. R. Dickens  

Ad-hoc Committees:

  • Staff Disciplinary
  • Pupil Discipline
  • Complaints
  • Appeals

Three governors with no prior knowledge will be called alphabetically to form the committee.

Name Details of Pecuniary Interest Details of personal interest
Mrs. F. Smollett (Chair) Nil Nil
Mr. A. Belt Catering Business Nil
Miss A. Heaton Nil Nil
Rev. J. Hartley Vicar of St. John’s Church and Chair of St. John’s PCC Nil
Mrs. K. Owen Nil Nil
Dr. M. Stuckey St. John’s Church - PCC Nil
Ms. A. Taziker St. John’s Church - PCC Nil
Ald B. Wilson Trustee; Fix It (UK) Ltd, Astley Morts Heritage Trust, Friends of Tyldesley Primary School Trust Nil
Councillor C. Roberts Nil Nil
Mrs. S. Bloor New Governor Nil
Mrs. R. Dickens New Governor Nil
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