Year 4 are the Hawks and there are two teachers: Mrs Cheetham and Mrs Irwin. Mrs Cheetham teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Irwin teaches on Thursday and Friday. Both teachers are in school on Wednesday.

A typical day begins with a morning task which may include arithmetic questions or our ‘magic number’ for the day. We then participate in Collective Worship with the rest of the school. After Worship we usually have Maths. In our Maths we are working hard to apply our knowledge to reasoning and problem solving questions. We build on our knowledge from previous year groups and continue to use a range of concrete equipment to support our learning. We also work towards knowing all of our multiplication facts up to 12x12. Before playtime we then enjoy sharing our reading together or take part in a comprehension activity to practise our reading skills. Then it is time for playtime and a snack!

Usually we have spelling or handwriting after playtime followed by English. In English we look at a variety of fiction and non- fiction texts and apply this in our own work. Some texts read in Year 4 have been The Iron Man, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Aladdin. We’ve also enjoyed looking at poems such as Still I Rise and some short films such as Feast.

In the afternoons we have a variety of lessons such as Science, Geography, History, RE, Music, French, PE and Computing. We are fortunate enough to have specialist teachers for PE once a week. Year 4 are also very lucky to be part of the Wider Opportunities programme with Wigan Music Service. This gives us the opportunity to learn a different musical instrument each term which culminates in a final performance to parents and the rest of the school. We all thoroughly enjoy these lessons and it is wonderful to see the children make enormous progress in their musical ability and confidence in a short space of time.

As St. John’s has an open door policy, we are always happy to speak to parents at the beginning or end of the day. If you prefer, you can make an appointment to speak to us. If you would like to see Mrs Cheetham and Mrs Irwin together you can do this on Wednesday.

Mrs. S. Cheetham / Mrs. N. Irwin
Year 4 Class Teachers

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Year 4 class teachers

Mrs. S. Cheetham / Mrs. N. Irwin

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