Welcome to our Reception Class. Your teachers are Mrs Musgrove and Mrs Sankey.

In Reception, children focus on achieving a ‘good level of development.’

There are seven areas of learning that make up our Early Years Curriculum. Within these seven areas there are seventeen Early Learning Goals (ELGs). These ELGs have been statutory since 2021, hence we make sure that they are covered throughout all of the learning that we do. This is through formal learning (carpet time) and also throughout ‘Continuous Provision’ (independent learning).

Our aim is to help every child, regardless of their starting point, achieve a ‘good level of development’ (GLD) by the end of Reception, this is so that they have a good start when entering Year One.

Every child is on their own unique learning journey throughout Early Years and we are here to encourage and support every step that they take!

We believe that embedding skills within Early Years will set children up for the rest of their lives.

There is a real focus on Mathematics and English in Reception.

Whole class teaching is followed up by continuous provision that provides motivating and exciting learning opportunities for children to apply their knowledge and deepen their learning. Children have daily Phonic lessons and this helps them to develop their reading.

Quality texts are identified throughout the curriculum and we always provide the children with access to high-quality books. This is a priority throughout all of our provision.

We want to develop a love of reading within our children.

Mrs Musgrove & Mrs Sankey
Reception Class Teachers

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Reception class teachers

Mrs Musgrove & Mrs Sankey

Learning Links

Development Matters - Download PDF
Oxford Owl (How to pronounce sounds correctly) - Watch Video
Alphablocks - Watch Video
Teach your monster to read (This app is free on the App Store at the time of writing) - Play Here
Teach your monster to read - Play Here
Traditional tales and rhymes (Lots of stories to watch) - Watch Video
Phonics Play (Useful to use ‘Phase 2’ for earlier phonics) - Play Here
NRich Early Years Maths Activities - View Here
Numberblocks - Watch Video
CBeebies Games (Lots of useful games on here - particularly Numberblocks) - Play Here
CBeebies Podcast (A good way to develop listening skills!) - Listen Here
BBC Schools Radio (Stories, music and movement activities) - Listen Here
Cosmic Kids Yoga (A fun way to develop physical skills but also introduce mindfulness) - Watch Video
Go Noodle - Watch Video

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We have a large outdoor area which we call our ‘Outdoor Classroom’. Learning outdoors is so important for all of our children, but some children in particular thrive and learn better when outdoors.

With this in mind we give our children the opportunity to access both of our indoor and outdoor classrooms as much as possible.

We often take our lessons outdoors and therefore get to develop our motor skills and physical skills whilst doing so!

We carry out many learning activities such as Science experiments outside too!

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